Good Morning, Miss Bliss (Disney) Rated TV-G

 A recently widowed teacher, Miss Bliss, teaches at a middle school in Indiana where she helps her students tackle life lessons. Starring Hayley Mills, Dennis Haskins, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. 

This is the show that launched Saved by the Bell. While SBTB was about the students, this show was about Miss Bliss. We see her at work and at home and how she balances the two. She is the rock for her students and helps them navigate the problems in life – or more likely, the problems they cause in life. We also see the interactions between the teachers more than the students. I think this show really laid the groundwork for SBTB as the actors got to fine tune their characters. While the show didn’t make much sense, I always wondered why she was called Miss Bliss when she was a widow – wouldn’t she be Ms. or Mrs.? Though it wasn’t as well done as SBTB, it’s still worth a watch. 

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