Euphoria (HBO) Rated TV-MA

 A look at a group of high schoolers as they struggle with drugs, sex, and violence. Starring Hunter Schafer, Zendaya, and Angus Cloud 

I would say that this show is a realistic look at some high schoolers’ lives that revolve around drugs, sex, and violence – but this isn’t every high schooler’s issue or what happens in their life. Shockingly, there are high schoolers out there that do not focus their lives on sex, drugs, or violence – this show is not the norm. However, with rhat said, the show is brilliant in showing the abnormal life of a high schooler. This show has some interesting storylines, but the main problem is that the main character lacks depth. The show revolves around serious issues in each episode, but they are so overly exaggerated that it comes off more shocking and superficial. The characters are so pathetic and irritating that I struggle to sympathize with any of them. The show is brilliantly stylized in cinematography, but that doesn’t save it. It’s not worth the watch. 

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