You Kill Me (2007) Rated R

An alcoholic hitman befriends a woman to help settle a score in New York. Starring Ben Kingsley, Téa Leoni, and Luke Wilson.

This film is a quirky dark comedy. Kingsley plays the straight man in this comedy, and he does a good job as a man taking his job very seriously. Leoni adds to the weirdness as a woman who has her past but is willing to overcome it. The problem with this film isn’t the acting or the jokes, it’s the story. It combines too many genres in one and it doesn’t bode well for telling the story. It can’t make up its mind on being a comedy, drama, or romance. The script is the downfall to this film as it’s slow and doesn’t have much to break up the monotonous drama. The film is interesting but not worth a watch.

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