Emilio Delgado (1940–2022)



 Person of Interest (2011) Rated TV-14

An ex-CIA agent and a wealthy programmer save lives via a surveillance AI that sends them the identities of civilians involved in impending crimes. However, the details of the crimes, including the civilians’ roles, are left a mystery.

 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999) Rated TV-14

This series follows the Special Victims Unit, a specially trained squad of detectives in the New York City Police Department that investigate sexually related crimes.

 House of Cards (2013) Rated TV-MA

A Congressman works with his equally conniving wife to exact revenge on the people who betrayed him.

 Law & Order (1990) Rated TV-14

A crime is tracked from two separate vantage points: the police investigation and the prosecution in court.

 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001) Rated TV-14

This series focuses on the NYPD’s Major Case Squad, a force of detectives who investigate high-profile cases, while also showing parts of the crime from the perpetrator’s point of view.

Synopsis by IMDB.

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