The Peanuts Movie (2015) Rated G

 While Snoopy fights off his archnemesis, Charlie Brown pursues his first great love. Starring Trombone Shorty, Rebecca Bloom, and Anastasia Bredikhina. 

This film does a wonderful job at bringing back the nostalgia of the Peanuts Gang comics. The story is one we have seen before; the little red-haired girl moves across the street from the Browns and Charlie falls head-over-heels for her. It’s a sweet, fun movie that keeps with the moral code that started with Schulz. Charlie Brown discovers that even with all his “mistakes,” he always had good intentions. While that is important, it’s also important to note that his “mistakes” aren’t always mistakes. This film doesn’t adulterize the characters or the story, making it a fun watch for kids. It’s worth the watch. 

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