House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths (2021) Rated TV-MA

This docuseries examines the death of 11 family members who were found dead inside their home, was it murder or suicide? The show examines truths and theories about their deaths. Starring Barkha Dutt, Naresh Bhatia, and Manoj Kumar.

Before watching this show, I had never heard of this bizarre and unusual case of a family found dead inside their home. At first, it seemed like a normal case of a family suicide pact, but once they uncovered some of the evidence, they started to think it was a case of murder-suicide. It’s a disturbing crime, and I’m not sure if the evidence leads one way or another. I just kept thinking, what happened that would cause a family to make any of the decisions that they all would have had to make for them all to die? The filmmakers interviewed surviving family members, police officers involved, and psychologists to help understand what happened in that house to have 11 deaths. It’s a captivating story without one clear answer but enough to know that something went wrong. It’s worth the watch.

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