Hamilton’s America (2016) Rated TV-G

Hamilton’s America takes you behind the scenes of the creation of the hit musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush.

This documentary takes you behind the scenes of the making of a Broadway musical. We get a glimpse into Miranda’s life as he created the musical and worked at bringing it to the stage. We learn a lot about the history of Alexander Hamilton and how he influenced the country that we live in. Alexander Hamilton was a significant contributor to the creation of this country we love. This film takes us behind the scenes as Miranda figures out what to add and what to take out when portraying the very diverse life that Hamilton led. Although, there is a lot that was not included in the musical. The film makes you wonder how much of a jackpot Miranda created with this story that he stumbled upon. It’s worth the watch.

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