When We Were Bullies (2021) Rated NR

A filmmaker tracks down his fifth-grade class to examine their memories of a bullying incident that happened 50 years ago. Starring Mark Athitakis, Ruth Bromberg, and Wendy Newman. 

This is an interesting documentary. The filmmaker remembers an incident he regrets that happened with his fifth-grade classmates.  He interviews most of his classmates and his fifth-grade teacher to get their take on what happened. The one person he neglects to interview is the boy who was bullied. Now, I understand where he wanted to take the film, but I really would’ve liked the resolve that could have happened if he met with the boy who was bullied. Leaving the bullied child out (or including him in the film) could still do damage to the person, but it should’ve been up to the person that it happened to. I also understood where the teacher was coming from in not remembering the incident. This film could’ve been so much better in the contrast of the bully vs. bullied experiences. While the film does a good job of giving insight into the side of the bullies, it doesn’t give insight into the life of the bullied. However, this film is still worth a watch. 

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