Try Harder! (2021) Rated NR

Seniors at one of the best high schools in the country vie for acceptance to elite colleges in the country. Starring Alvan Cai, Shealand Fairchild, and Rachael Schmidt. 

I know this documentary wanted to showcase the pressure kids in high school are under to achieve success; however, that is not my takeaway. I wanted to scream at these parents and teachers for putting that pressure on the kids. It doesn’t matter what school you go to or whether you pass or fail when it comes to achieving your dreams. This documentary showcases the pressure that’s put on kids to achieve admittance to ivy league schools. There are a couple of questions I had – one, how do these kids pay for their schooling? At first, I thought they had rich parents, but one student did say they wouldn’t be able to go to a school due to the lack of funds. Two, I really would like to see these students twenty to forty years later and see what they think about the reality of attending an ivy league school. I worry that some of them might commit suicide due to the stress of not only trying to get into the school but the pressure of trying to maintain that high standard. Although I have much criticism of the film, it’s still worth the watch. 

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