The Town Christmas Forgot (2010) Rated TV-G

A family gets stranded in a small town two days before Christmas and help with the town’s annual Christmas pageant. Starring Lauren Holly, Rick Roberts, and Azer Greco.

In a town where broken dreams come to an end, a family comes along and brings the town back to life. That’s basically what this is about. It’s basically a run-of-the-mill Hallmark tearjerkers about Christmas hope. The writing is nothing new, and the plot is never shocking. This film is not the best conceived. The acting is not the best, the special effects are not the best, and while the plot isn’t shocking, it isn’t realistic either. You’ll know where the story is going before it happens. The film capitalizes on the feel-good Christmas standard, but its story and acting leave much to be desired. It’s not worth the watch.

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