Secrets of the lost Ark (Science) Rated NR

This show follows one of the most sacred religious artifacts from the Bible, The Ark of the Covenant. A team of experts uses the latest science and research to discover the mystery of where the ark disappeared to. Starring Jon Mohr, Richard Felix, and Tony McMahon.

This show is interesting as it looks at the myths and legends that surround the Ark and where it ended up. Some make sense – others, not so much. There is a lot of speculation around the history of where the ark could be. It did disappear in the Bible, but did it survive all these years and where could it be hidden? We travel all around Europe and the Middle East to different sites where the Ark could be. I would say that the Ark could be in the desert where the dead sea scrolls were found. Also, I don’t think the Lord has a use for the Ark anymore – so there’s no need for us to find it, but the theories are interesting. The show is worth the watch.

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