One Child Nation (2019) Rated R

Nanfu Wang is a product of China’s one-child policy. After moving to the U.S. and becoming a filmmaker, she decided to come home and look at the policy that she grew up with in comparison with other countries’ stances on abortion. Starring Nanfu Wang, Zaodi Wang, and Zhimei Wang.

Nanfu doesn’t hold anything back as she interviews family and politicians who enforced China’s policy. It’s a good look at the average person trying to live within the confines of a government imposing how one’s family should be. We see the devastation that these families went through as they were forced to endure abortions and sterilizations and abandon children in order to fall in line with the strict policy. We hear about the consequences that families endured when they did not follow the policy. We also hear from the midwives who both tried to help couples have a child and performed abortions and sterilizations for women against their will. This film captures what the policy does to a family and to a country for better and for worse. This is a film that is worth a watch.

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