Two Shallow Graves: The McStay Family Murders (ID) Rated TV-14

 The documentary recounts the disappearance of the McStay family and the trial of Chase Merritt. Starring Tony Azzaro, Suzanne Armstrong, and Shawn Patrick Murphy. 

This show does what true crime TV does best. We have a questionable defendant, the questionable trial, and the whodunit question throughout the series. Granted, I questioned if they put the right person on trial, but I trust our police even though they botched the investigation in the beginning. The trial wasn’t a closed case, and both persecutors and defense attorneys struggled with giving a fair trial. Sure, there was questionable behavior with the other two leads regarding whodunit, but I’m not sure the producers aren’t leading us on a goose chase with those. It’s a series that takes you on a ride for sure, making it worth a watch. 

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