Joe Papp in Five Acts (2012) Rated NR

 Joe Papp is a producer and director who believes theater is for everyone, regardless of status or race. Starring Olympia Dukakis, David Hare, and David Henry Hwang. 

Joe Papp is someone I could agree with and also disagree with. I love that he made theater available to everyone; we should have theaters that are free for those less fortunate to enjoy. Of course, his beliefs are rooted in his political ideology, but even on that front, he does have the right to believe what he wants to believe and protect what he wants to protect. Although, his beliefs could be dangerous. This documentary is great for showcasing his love of the theater, but it doesn’t give us the negative side of his political leanings. It does a wonderful job at giving us a side of Joe Papp that isn’t talked about, making it worth the watch. 

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