Eureka! (Disney Jr.) Rated TV-Y

A young girl in the prehistoric age always thinks outside the box for inventions to help her community along. Starring Devin Trey Campbell, Madigan Kacmar, and Ruth Righi.

There are a couple of things about this show that stand out: one, the time period Disney chose for this series and two, how this little girl thinks. The time period struck me as odd; why make her prehistoric when you can make her think outside the box in 2022? I know we have a lot more inventions in 2022 than in the age of dinosaurs, so it may have been harder to come up with inventions if set in the present. I like her tenacity to continue thinking outside the box in everything she does and that she has the brains to develop inventions to fix the problem that she mostly causes. This show is one that is great for kids to watch, and it’s worth it.

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