Life Below Zero: First Alaskans (NatGeo) Rated TV-14

Life Below Zero follows Alaskan Natives as they preserve their way of life. Starring Marvin Agnot, Jaqueline Jacko, Anzlie Jacko, Joel Jacko, Justin Phillips, Steven “Tig” Strassburg, Evan Strassburg, Terrance Strassburg, and Jody Potts-Joseph.

This, to me, should have been what the season of Life Below Zero was from the beginning of the series. That may be a little prejudiced of me, but seeing the Natives working the land they have worked for thousands of years just warms my heart. To see them passing on traditions and knowledge to their families is wonderful to watch. While the series only showcases a small percentage of Alaskan Natives (there are over 600 different tribes in Alaska), it’s still wonderful to see them living off the land. City folks tend to not recognize how their food gets to the table or have misconceptions about how it gets there. I just revealed my prejudice again, but this is a show that is worth a watch. 


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