Right to Offend: The Black Comedy Revolution (2022) Rated NR

This miniseries looks at black comedy through the years as the comedians use their experiences to expose and challenge the social norms. Starring Kevin Hart, Aisha Tyler, and Tiffany Haddish. 

As the comedians discuss the revolution of black comedy, I can’t help but think that everyone sees things differently. Children in the same family remember each memory differently due to their different life events. Thus, when they look back at the progress black comedy has made, I can’t help but think the audience saw it differently. I also think that comedy, in general, has a certain right to offend, not just African Americans but also white or Hispanic comedians too. It is the audience that decides whether the act is funny or not. This show has a flaw in that black comedy is not superior in having the right to offend. What’s nice about the show is seeing the revolution of black comedy through the years, that’s what’s interesting. However, it’s still not interesting enough to make the show worth a watch. 

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