On Patrol: Live (Reelz) Rated NR

 Reality show that follows Police Officers on patrol around the U.S. Starring Dan Abrams, Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin, Curtis Wilson

This series is a retake of the original PD: Live. As with the original we follow police officers live on the job as they take calls around the U.S. While they had some techinical differiculties in the begining the show is the same as ever. The format and the commradery between hosts make the show enjoyable while dealing with the unlawful residents. The show looks like it’s just a starter pack with only the departments they are familiar with but I think in time and money they will be back up and running with the just as many departments that PD: Live had. This series wonderfully brings the work that police officiers do on a daily basis. This show is worth the watch.

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