Great White Open Ocean (2022) Rated NR

Jimi Partington is a survivor of a shark attack but still suffers from PTSD. This year he decides to get back into the water with megasharks. Starring Dickie Chivell, Ralph Collier, and Jeff Kurr.

This documentary is different from the others during shark week. While we see Partington overcoming his fears and rekindling his love of the water, we also see other shark scientists studying the sharks around them as they learn more about the creatures that we most fear. At times, they create cliffhangers, but most are just repetitive storytelling with a “been there, done that” feel. I often wonder how little shark biologists really work in the field and if most of their studying is performed in labs throughout the year. While the show is interesting and holds your interest, it still isn’t worth the watch.

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