Sam & Cat (Nickelodeon) Rated TV-G

A pair of roommates start a babysitting business. This show is a spin-off of Victorious and Icarly. Starring Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, and Cameron Ocasio.

This show isn’t bad; at times, it’s quite comicial. It strives to highlight both characters of Sam and Cat, each coming from another show as a supporting character. Grande really comes into her own – I was pleasantly suprised by her character. She really could be an amazing actress. McCurdy brings the straight man to Grande’s crazy character. The two characters really complement each other well. The amazing writing brings these two together, and they’re endearing to one another. It’s a fun show to watch, and if I was younger, it would probably be one of my faves. Grande’s character, Cat, has a voice that can be quite grinding, and the stupidity of the characters can be quite annoying. You wonder how they can survive on their own. This show is not worth the watch.

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