Flip to a Million (HGTV) Rated NR

Two couples who flip houses for a living move to a new town and compete to see which can earn a million dollars in six months. Starring Jonathan Wrobel, Danielle Wrobel, and EJ Williams.

This is an interesting show if you like to watch house flipping shows. This series places two couples in a new town with just $1000 each to start flipping houses with a goal of turning the $1000 into a million dollars in just six months. While the show is interesting for fans of the flip, I think it lets viewers into how to start flipping houses. If you’re broke and don’t have the people around you to help give you a leg up, this show helps you see how to get started. Not every decision is the best, and sometimes you just have to take the leap. Although the show would be a fun watch for fans of flipping, I do wonder about the couples’ marriages. I’m a little worried that they aren’t the best, but with work and play it’s always a fine line. This show is not worth the watch.

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