Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions (HBO) Rated NR

This series chronicles the second year of the Head Coach of the Detroit Lions as he leads the team from training camp through the preseason. Starring Liev Schreiber, Kelvin Sheppard, and Aidan Hutchinson.

This series follows the coaching staff of the Detroit Lions as they go through their training camp and the preseason games. It’s always interesting to watch a team train and their antics off the field as stress relievers. You also get a glance at where the coaches want to take the team during the season. We also get glimpses of the new trials the players will have to work through to become a team. While all that is interesting, sometimes it can be boring to watch another team do the training rather than the team you enjoy watching. This series doesn’t have that many boring points, but I also didn’t find it all that interesting. With the lack of direction in the series, it’s not worth the watch. 

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