A Family Reunion Christmas (2019) Rated NR

The McKellans celebrate the holiday season with family, forgiveness, and empathy. Starring Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Anthony Alabi, and Talia Jackson.

This is a short Christmas TV Special. I haven’t watched the series before, but while the family gets together for the holiday season there are a lot of subplots going on. We have questions about the meaning of the holiday, the older women reliving their lives as performers, and the younger children wondering about Santa. All these stories are surrounded by the preparations for the holiday. Thus, it was too much for a half-hour show. They added supernatural elements to the story, which is a little much for a show that presents itself as a realistic family. It doesn’t fit that theme. It also has the typical cliches of who or what is Santa and looking at those less fortunate than you. Those are overdone for the holiday season, and it really shows in this special. This is one that’s only enjoyable for those that already watch the show, making it not worth the watch. 

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