The Good Wife (CBS) Rated TV-14

 A former state attorney, whose husband is corrupt, goes back to work after a scandal. Starring Julianna Margulies, Matt Czuchry, and Christine Baranski. 

This show took off after the news was inundated with sex scandals and politicians. When it first came out it seemed to be taken right from the news source. I didn’t really want to watch the show and thought it would die soon. Alas, it didn’t. That was due to the sharp turn it took from the news atories to a good law story. The series is brilliantly written, and then there’s the amazing acting from Margulies, Czuchry, and Baranski. This show wouldn’t have made it without them. This show’s problem is that it relies on the politicalness of the show rather than giving the characters depth and chemistry with each other. Although, that can happen with time. This show is worth the watch. 

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