She Said (2022) Rated R

New York Times reporters break a story that helps ignite the #MeToo movement and break the silence around Hollywood’s subject of sexual assaults. Starring Lola Petticrew, Katherine Laheen, and Zoe Kazan. 

The one thing I disliked about this film is that it started as a political story. They didn’t need to go that route, but they did. It had nothing to do with the Weinstein story, but they added it in. I believe they wanted context, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. When you have liberals telling a story, they have to poke at the other side, and that’s what they did with this film. They can’t tell a story about sexual assaults without pointing fingers. Letting go of the first story and moving to the next about Weinstein, I actually thought they did an amazing job showing the complexity and hardship of telling that story – no doubt breaking the barrier of power there. The actors were brilliant in pushing for the story, but due to the start of the film, I don’t recommend it. It’s not worth the watch. 

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