TMZ Presents: Lamar Odom: Sex, Drugs & Kardashians (2023) Rated NR

Harvey Levin interviews Lamar Odom on his life of sex, drugs, and being married to a Kardashian. Starring Harvey Levin and Lamar Odom.

Levin does a good job at choosing to interview celebrities of interest about their lives. He interviews Odom after he has survived a near-death experience due to drugs. Levin, almost like a Barbara Walters special, asks questions about Odom’s life without really getting to the deep stuff where we would find real answers. Odom, on the other hand, seems uncomfortable being there and talking about his past. To make it worse, Odom doesn’t even admit to anything about the day that he overdosed on drugs. It makes me wonder if he is truly on the upswing of his life. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still using. Levin doesn’t interview anyone else – just Odom about the different events in his life. This special is not worth the watch. 

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