Evil Lives Here (ID) Rated TV-14

A series allows people to tell their side of the story about a loved one who has committed horrific crimes. Starring James M. Reilly, T.J. Craig, and Robert Levey II.

This is a heartwrenching show as family members relive the choices they made in the life of the loved one that committed a horrific act, changing everyone’s life. I do feel for the family that also lost their loved one during the crime. No one wins when someone chooses to commit murder. The first episode features a family that truly tried to help their evil loved one, and no matter what they did, it just made things worse. Sometimes, I truly believe that there are people who are just evil-possessed. I know that is hard for some to believe, but it’s true. While this family questions whether they made the right choices or not, I believe no matter what they did, the family member would have made the same choice or one similar. I always think about both sides of the crime that’s been committed, and this gives us what happened on the side of the person who committed it. This is worth the watch. 

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