BlackBerry (2023) Rated R

 The story of the BlackBerry and the rise and fall of the first cell phone. Starring Jay Baruchel, Glenn Howerton, and Matt Johnson.

The film does a good job at telling the story of the BlackBerry from the start. The pacing is well done as it jumps through time. However, the acting isn’t always the best; we have the geek squad with the mix of Jim, the co-CEO and an alpha male.  I also couldn’t get over Baruchel, who is usually the comedic relief, but he really pulled out the stops as one of the smartest men in the room and lacking human interaction. He was unrecognizable, but that is also, in part, the result of the makeup department. Surprisingly, I would say that the film could have been longer. There are times that the stories aren’t as fleshed out as they could be. This is one docudrama that is worth the watch. 

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