Broadcast News (1987) Rated R

Two rival broadcasters fight over their jobs and vie for the heart of their producer. Starring William Hurt, Albert Brooks, and Holly Hunter. 

The newsroom is the backdrop for this rom-com that is as unrealistic as they come. For one thing, the character of Holly Hunter is so unlikable; she reminds me of myself. She wants love but is unwilling to give into love. The script is brilliant as the characters banter back and forth fighting for the promotion and the affection of a woman who struggles with giving herself. Overall, the film is brilliantly done. I have nothing bad to say about it. Although, there are things I disliked. I hated the high moral stand that Hunter’s character took; I don’t agree with it, even if I myself have a high moral ground. I also hated her character as she got into the taxi for the last time. Choosing the wrong moral ground just made me think she is the stupidest girl. This film isn’t worth the watch. 

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