America’s War on Drugs (History) Rated TV-14

This miniseries takes us through the last five decades as the CIA goes from fighting communism to allying itself with the mafia and drug lords. Starring Richard Stratton, Ty Hurley, and Sam Shoubber.

I thought this show did a wonderful job at being informational with regards to how and why we now have a drug problem in the US. It takes us back to the begining and how they wanted to combat communism and decided to align with the mafia and drug lords. This is history that is not taught in schools, and it isn’t something I was even aware of. Although, it explains a lot of what goes behind closed doors in the White House. It also shows why our government doesn’t want to fully fight the drug war. It also does a fabulous job at giving us both sides of the problem. This series is worth the watch.

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