Father’s Day Films 2010

Father of the Bride (1950,1991)

Rated NR, PG

Mr. Banks gets caught up in the barely controlled mayhem surrounding his only daughter’s wedding. Class struggle, premarital jitters and a whole lot of grumpy comedy mark this as a classic film you shouldn’t miss.

Field of Dreams (1989)

Rated PG

An Iowa farmer who hears a mysterious voice telling him to turn his cornfield into a baseball diamond. He does, but the voice’s directions don’t stop — even after the spirits of deceased ballplayers turn up to play. James Earl Jones and Burt Lancaster co-star as a reclusive writer and a young slugger turned doctor, respectively, with Ray Liotta turning in a pivotal performance as “Shoeless” Joe Jackson.

Mr. Mom (1983)

Rated PG

The husband goes to work, while the wife cares for the house and the kids — the happily traditional American family. But when Dad gets fired, Mom has to start working. Fine, Dad will stay home with the kids. Problem is, this early-’80s dad doesn’t know what to do. The grocery store, the soap operas, the high-tech kitchen appliances — it’s all too much for a guys’ guy raised to be a breadwinner, not a bread baker!

My Father the Hero (1994)

Rated PG

Talk about mistaken identities! When Andre, a Frenchman, takes his 14-year-old daughter Nicole on a Caribbean vacation, she develops a crush on hunky Ben. To impress Ben, Nicole pretends Andre is her lover — which has the rest of the resort crowd loathing his cradle-snatching ways. When police threaten to arrest him for consorting with a minor, Nicole must tell all and risk alienating Ben.

River Runs Through It (1992)

Rated PG

Two fly-fishing brothers, straitlaced scholar Norman and trouble-finding gambler Paul, struggle to mollify their Presbyterian preacher father’s lofty moral — and fishing — standards. Director Robert Redford’s Oscar-winning, nostalgic meditation about the fierce bonds that unite and divide families is set in Montana in the early 1900s.

synopsis by Netflix.

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