John Lasseter

 A Bug’s Life (1998)

Rated G

On behalf of “oppressed bugs everywhere,” an inventive ant named Flik hires a troupe of warrior bugs to defend his bustling colony from a horde of freeloading grasshoppers led by the evil-minded Hopper. Little does Flik know that his tough “warriors” are really circus performers who have no clue when it comes to combat. Pixar takes you inside the miniature world of insects for this larger-than-life adventure.

 Cars (2006)

Rated G

Prepare to peel out with this revved-up animated adventure featuring classic automobiles, plenty of fender benders, guffaws galore and a nostalgic Route 66 road trip with a crew that doesn’t make pit stops. The star-studded voice cast includes Paul Newman, Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt and Cheech Marin. Nominated for the Best Animated Feature Oscar, Cars won Best Animated Film in the first category of its kind at the 2007 Golden Globes.

 The Pixar Story (2007)

Rated G

Go behind the scenes at Pixar Animation Studios with this Emmy-nominated documentary tracing the creation and history of the groundbreaking company and featuring interviews with founders Ed Catmull, John Lasseter and Steve Jobs. Assembling rare Pixar footage and conversations with animators, producers, directors and voice actors, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Leslie Iwerks takes viewers on a fascinating tour of the outfit that forever changed Hollywood animation.

 Toy Story (1995)

Rated G

Cowboy-toy Woody feels threatened when overblown space ranger Buzz Lightyear arrives with a suitcase full of bells and whistles. But both dolls are lost when the family moves — and finding their way home is only half the adventure. Director John Lasseter won a special Academy Award for this groundbreaking, computer-animated film that also earned Oscar nods for its music and screenplay.

 Toy Story 2 (1999)

Rated G

Buzz Lightyear, Woody and the rest of the toys in Andy’s playroom are back! This time, when Andy goes off to cowboy camp, an obsessive collector kidnaps Woody, and it’s up to Buzz and the gang to save their pal. This sterling animated sequel, which boasts the voices of Joan Cusack, Kelsey Grammer, Wayne Knight and more, combines a story that’s great for kids and adults with amazing technical work from Disney and Pixar.

Synopsis by Netflix.

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