Birthday Films

 Sixteen Candles (1984) Rated PG/R*

Sam Baker’s 16th birthday should be perfect and memorable, but her whole family is so preoccupied with her older sister’s wedding that they completely forget her big day. But catching the eye of Jake Ryan would make everything better for Sam.

*From what I gather about the Rating of Sixteen  Candles is this: When the movie first came out the MPAA gave the movie a PG rating. When they released the movie on DVD they added more scenes, some of these scenes include things not suitable for viewers under 18.

 Company: A Musical Comedy (2007) Rated NR

Raúl Esparza stars in this 2006 revival of Stephen Sondheim’s Tony Award-winning musical comedy recorded live for PBS’s “Great Performances” and featuring the classics “Side by Side by Side,” “The Ladies Who Lunch” and “Another Hundred People.” Celebrating his 35th birthday among married friends, swinging Manhattan bachelor Bobby  considers the value of a committed relationship.

 Quinceanera (2006) Rated R

This sensitive coming-of-age drama, a 2006 Sundance Film Festival award winner, tells the story of Magdalena, who, on the brink of her 15th birthday, finds her comfortable existence shattered by the discovery that she’s pregnant. Cast out by her parents, the once-privileged teen finds safe haven with a great-granduncle and a gay cousin, who introduce her to a world far different from her gentrified middle-class life.

 Sleeping Beauty (1959) Rated G

A beautiful princess born in a faraway kingdom is destined by a terrible curse to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep that can only be awakened by true love’s first kiss. Determined to protect her, her parents ask three fairies to raise her in hiding. But the evil Maleficent is just as determined to seal the princess’s fate. This animated Disney classic earned an Oscar nod for its haunting score.

 13 going on 30 (2004) Rated PG-13

It’s 1987, and geeky Jenna wants to be popular — more than anything. But when her 13th birthday party goes awry, and she makes a wish that she could just be 30 already, she wakes up to discover she’s flash-forwarded 17 years. Now a sexy, successful magazine editor, Jenna finds out that being an adult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be … but she can still do the “Thriller” dance like a champ.

Synopsis by Netflix.

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