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 A Beautiful Mind (2001) Rated PG-13

John Forbes Nash Jr. was a brilliant economist — when his mind was clear. But life changed forever with the revelation that he was schizophrenic, although his brilliance persisted amidst the anguish his mental illness caused for him and his wife. Ron Howard directs this Oscar-winning drama that picked up honors for direction and acting as well as the Best Picture prize.

 Glory Road (2006) Rated PG

Director James Gartner’s inspiring drama tells the true story of Don Haskins, a high school basketball coach who, in 1962, took the reins of the Texas Western Miners, an underdog NCAA Division One team, and decided to shake things up. Haskins’s insistence on recruiting the best players available to him, regardless of the color of their skin, revolutionized the sport … and changed the course of history.

 Secondhand Lions (2003) Rated PG

In 1960s Texas, timid teen Walter is forced to spend the summer with his rich and eccentric great-uncles on their farm, where, over time, he learns surprising tidbits about their mysterious and dangerous pasts. Emmanuelle Vaugier plays an Arabian sultan’s daughter, with whom Duvall’s character fell in love years ago.

 Sweet Home Alabama (2002) Rated PG-13

Abandoning her rural Alabama background and high school-sweetheart husband in favor of Manhattan’s glamorous social circles, Melanie Smooter-Perry adopts a choicer surname to go with her new life. As career woman Melanie Carmichael, she attracts a handsome Park Avenue boyfriend … but then he pops the question, forcing Melanie to go down South and finally get her divorce papers signed.

 An Unfinished Life (2005) Rated PG-13

When her husband dies, grieving widow Jean Gilkyson moves herself and her daughter, Griff, into the Wyoming home of her estranged father-in-law, steely rancher Einar, even though they don’t get along. Einar can’t get over the death of his only son, while Jean struggles to make sense of her new life. But over time, the two learn to move on through the power of forgiveness.

Synopsis by Netflix.

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