Gormenghast (2000)

Rated NR

Gormenghast is a neo-gothic BBC miniseries based on the books written by Mervyn Peake. Steerpike dreams of taking control of the kingdom Gormenghast. He was born to work in the castle’s kitchen but he works his way up the into the household.

This miniseries interesting to say the least. The Costumes are amazing. The colors are amazing. I have never read the books but I have heard that the Tv series are much more colorful than what Peake intended. The sets are amazing. The acting was wonderful. The storyline might have needed some work but you try to bring three thick books down to 4 hours. So, if you’re into fantasy movies this one is a can’t miss.


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2 Responses to Gormenghast (2000)

  1. Tessa says:

    I absolutely loved Gormenghast. I was 13 when I watched this BBC miniseries, so you could say I was more influenced by it because I was so young. But I loved every single part of it – the characters were all very engaging, the settings and scenery were unrealistic but still enthralling, and there was a lot of comedy. Even the dislikeable Steerpike became sort of likeable because he said quite a few funny things, especially when Nanny Slag or Lady Prunesquallor were involved.

  2. Green Bamboo says:

    I missed it when it was first shown, but a colleague of mine lent me the discs. The visual imagery is very rich, and part of the series captures aspects of China where Peake lived for about ten years. The costumes and appearance of the Groan sisters, Clarice and Cora, especially captured this, but also Barquentine and his arcane rituals resemble the sort of rites which the Emperors of China once had to perform.

    Glad to have seen this, but I need to read the books again.

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