To The Mat (2011)

Rated NR

Aaron Stocuim is a laid back ex-wrestler, whose trying to keep the family’s wrestling school in business. He gets help from a high-strung New York consultant.

Yes, this is an opposites attract romance with a bit of wrestling mixed with a dash of southern charm you’ll get an extra sweet Tv movie. Saying that, I don’t think this is a bad film. I thought it was quaint. Not the best but not one I would repeat.  Rick Schroder who play the ex-wrestler seemed a little lost in the beginning but grew into his character. Laura Bell Bundy seemed made for her role, though, I did question Cameron Bancroft as her fiancé. I couldn’t figure out what would have attracted them to each other.  As in almost all of these types of films, the story needed some work but if you enjoy watching the actors or into wrestling I wouldn’t not watch the movie.

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