The Conspirator (2010)

Rated PG-13

Based on the true story of Mary Surratt the mother of a conspirator to the assassination of President Lincoln. It follows her trial though the eyes of her lawyer, Frederick Aiken. Starring James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Kevin Kline, Evan Rachel Wood, Tom Wilkinson, Justin Long

I was a little disappointed with the film. As the film opens we get a little background to the lawyer and the assassination, none of that was explored and felt rushed through. Then we hit the trial which was great, loved the pace. Then we get to the story between the lawyer and his girlfriend, again not explored and rushed. With the great scenes at the trial mixed with the indifference of the back story makes this film second-rate, which I wish it wasn’t. Robert Redford could’ve done so much better. The acting was ok and it looked authentic but I felt lost. I would have liked to see this story done better.


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