Love Begins (2011)

Rated PG

The prequel to the Love Series on Hallmark. We watch as Clark Davis falls in love with Ellen Barlow. Starring Wes Brown, Julie Mond, Abigail Mavity, Nancy McKeon

Nothing new to the story. We know they will fall in love with each other and a miscommunication makes it rocky start. I love the simplicity of these movies but this one lacked. I need to feel that these to people are in love. What I got was indifference to each other. I kept wondering when the sparks were going to fly or when the heart stops a moment. None of that ever happened. They were friends and then more. Nothing to let us know that it was happening. Loved Wes Brown though, a perfect fit for a young Clark Davis. They keep going down hill with these movies and I wonder why I continue to watch.

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