The Tree of Life (2011)

Rated PG-13

A family in the 1950s questions everything about life. Starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn,  Jessica Chastain

This film is very much like 2001: a Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. If you haven’t seen that film you should. This film is not for the faint of heart movie goers. What I mean by that isn’t that it’s gruesome but it’s not made for the average moviegoers. It’s a great film despite the 15 minutes of watching the Earth be made. We just needed five minutes not fifteen. The acting was perfect as usual by both Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. The person who stood out the most was Hunter McCracken who played the young Jack. He was phenomenal, he grabbed me and held me throughout the film. It’s a can’t miss film.

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