Christmas Movies 2011

 Christmas Comes to Willow Creek (1987) Rated NR

Willow Creek, Alaska, is going through a depression because the local cannery has shut down putting many of the residents out of work. Ray and Pete are truck-driving brothers, different as day and night, who are hired by an old friend to bring Christmas presents and one huge surprise from sunny California up to his home town. Along the way, the brothers and Pete’s son Michael argue and get stuck in a blizzard, but finally reconcile with each other. -IMDB

 It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947) Rated NR

Every year, when the O’Connors leave their lavish New York home to spend Christmas in Florida, hobo Aloysius T. McKeever takes up residence in the house in their absence. But this year, daughter Trudy shows up unexpectedly. Posing as a runaway, she keeps her identity a secret, as does her father when he arrives home. The confusion that follows ensures the O’Connors will never forget this Christmas. -Netflix

 Nestor the Long Eared Donkey (1977) Rated NR

Back in the days of the Roman Empire, a small donkey is born with VERY long ears, that keep getting him into trouble. When his owner throws him out of the stable in disgust, his mother sacrifices her life to save him from a blizzard. And, guided only by his guardian cherub (Tilly), he has to find his rightful place and destiny, somewhere on the road to Bethlehem. -IMDB

 Holiday in Handcuffs (2007) Rated TV-PG

Everything is going wrong for aspiring artist Trudie. But after her boyfriend dumps her, she kidnaps a handsome stranger named David to present him as her beau to her family at Christmas, only to discover that they have a real bond. -Netflix

 Most Wonderful Time of The Year (2008) Rated NR

Single mom Jen is so focused on her job that she hasn’t been able to get into the Christmas spirit — even her young son is wondering if Santa really exists. But things begin to change when Jen’s uncle brings home a stranger named Morgan. The warm-hearted visitor may be just the person to persuade Jen to slow down and enjoy life … but will she see the light before Morgan disappears forever? -Netflix

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