Blue Juice (1995)

Rated R

Set in Cornwell, England. A group of surfers make the most of what waves they get. JC is the local top surfer and one night he goes out with his friends for a wild night. JC’s girlfriend on the other hand has other plans making him reevaluate his life. Starring Sean Pertwee, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Steven Mackintosh, Ewan McGregor

Catherine Zeta Jones plays the girlfriend in one of her first roles. You’ll also get glimpses of Ewan McGregor as one of JC’s friends. Blue Juice is an unusual film to say the least and definitely not one you would consider as a surf movie. And it is, a very clichéd surf movie with the backdrop in England. With the film being a typical surf film set in the out-of-place for surfing made the film hard to enjoy. The whole film felt out-of-place only the actors were wonderful with the job they were given.


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