At the Sinatra Club (2010)

Rated NR

One night in the life of John Gotti took through the eyes of Salvatore Polisi, the owner of the Sinatra Club. Starring Jason Gedrick, Danny Nucci, Mark Belasco, Joey Lawrence

I enjoyed the performances of Jason Gedrick and Danny Nucci, as Sal and Gotti. I really like that the screenplay was written by the real Salvatore Polisi based on his book. Those are the good parts of film otherwise the pacing was off and I was really put off by Joey Lawrence’s performance. I think he could have done a good job but I was really put off by his toupee, it distracted me from everything else. Although, Lawrence wasn’t on-screen too often but often enough. I think this film would have been better if they had a bigger budget. I would watch this if you are fascinated by  Mafia.

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