Maria Goretti (2003)

Rated NR

Tells the true story of Maria Goretti, whose life is full of poverty and hardships yet she continues to love God unfaltering. Even to her tragic death, which lead her to sainthood. Starring Massimo Bonetti, Luisa Ranieri, Flavio Insinna, Martina Pinto

I’ll say this, I’m not catholic. I have never understood their desire for sainthood. To me, there is only one saint–Jesus Christ, everyone else could never measure up to him. Saying that, this is a wonderful story with great cinematography. The casting was amazing with Martina Pinto as Maria and Fabrizio Bucci as Alessandro Serenelli. I do believe this film lacked in the ending. I would have enjoyed seeing what had happened to Alessandro after the attack. I heard he had repented and accepted Christ after the fact. They should give credit where credit is due…that God uses the bad for the good. Thus they did a disservice to this story.


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