Bundle of Joy (1956)

Rated NR

After finding a baby on a the steps of a foundling home Polly Parish has a hard time convincing everyone that the baby isn’t hers. It gets more complicated when her boss and his handsome son get involved. Starring Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Adolphe Menjou

Bundle of Joy is a wonderful musical movie. It’s a remake of the film Bachelor Mother. It’s  got great chemistry between then real-life loves,  Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. The love that they had at the time spills over on-screen. This film is just a joy to watch and entertaining to boot.

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  2. Can we find Bundle of Joy on a DVD with Reynolds and Fisher? Where van I get the movie. I believe it was out about Christmas. Excellent Family movie. I give it 5 stars. Bring it back to MAC and make it available please?

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