Windtalkers (2002)

Rated R

Based on the true stories of the code talkers of World War II. The code talkers were Navajo Indians who used their language to relay messages between the troops. Starring Nicolas Cage, Adam Beach, Peter Stormare, Mark Ruffalo, Martin Henderson, Frances O’Connor, Christian Slater

This film is a great action packed film about the code talkers of World War II. Although, I do think they could have made a great film about the code talkers if it was more about the code walker then the relationship between Sergeant Joe Enders and Private Ben Yahzee. This relationship caused by the sergeant assigned to protect private Yahzee, the wind talker, which the U.S. Marines have denied. It just would have been nice to see a real amazing true story about how these codewalker came to be and wanting to serve their land too. I would read a book on the real events than watch this movie.

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2 Responses to Windtalkers (2002)

  1. Woo certainly knows how to film an action scene, but the endless number of them became numbing after awhile, and it seemed to be far more about Enders than codetalkers. (And after about a half dozen battles scenes or so didn’t it seem as if Cage had mistakenly walked in from a comic book superhero movie as his character was depicted as having practically superhuman capabilities in avoiding being annihilated while walking through an entire Pacific theater worth of bullets and artillery rounds?) A missed opportunity on a really fascinating subject.

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