I Was A Male War Bride (1949)

Rated NR

Captain Henri Rochard is a French officer who marries an American female lieutenant. Henri wrote a book about his misadventures on trying to come to America on the War Bride’s Act. Starring Cary Grant, Ann Sheridan, Marion Marshall

This movie is based on the true story of Henri Rochard, a Belgian, who wrote the book:  I was an Alien Spouse of Female Military Personnel Enroute to the United States Under Public Law 271 of the Congress, a biography of his travel to the United States as a war bride. By the way, that is the full title of his book. Rochard, played by Cary Grant, had a hilarious job trying to get to America under the Public Law 271, which was made for women not men.  Grant played him to perfection. It is a slower film but I felt the first half of the film pushed the two, Rochard and his wife, Catherine Gates together. There wasn’t much to make the romance grow. Suddenly they are together and trying to get to the States. Over all, it is hilarious and Grant, of course, did a marvelous job impersonate a woman.


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