Nadja (1994) Rated R

 A modern telling of a family of vampires must come to terms with each other as they are continuing being hunted by Dr. Van Helsing. Starring  Elina Löwensohn, Nic Ratner, Karl Geary, Peter Fonda, Martin Donovan, David Lynch

I was not impressed with this overly stylized film. It’s so overly stylized that it was annoying and it was not enhancing the story. The story is a beautiful tale about wanting to change your life but are unable to. This is the gut retching story that involves most of the characters. They all feel stuck where they are and are unable to change their life. This is drowned out by the overly stylized film. I know I pride myself on the enjoying the cinematic filmmaking but sometimes it is over used and this is one of them. It just didn’t fit the feel of the film over all. This movie isn’t worth a watch.

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