Titanic (2012)

Rated TV-PG

This miniseries retells the story of the sinking of the Titanic through personal experiences. Starring Peter McDonald, Steven Waddington, Glen Blackhall, Toby Jones

I was sorely disappointed with this miniseries, especially coming from Julian Follows, whose amazing with Downton Abbey. Like the Titanic, to many things went wrong with these stories. The storyline too quick, by quick I mean we just flow by the stories without any meat to them. We had no time to learn the characters or to care about them. There wasn’t much back story to the characters, especially since it’s based on true characters. They moved the story along too fast for us to get any real sense of the story. I love the Titanic. I love all the stories from Titanic but not the stories that Follows told. They didn’t make me love the stories more.  Overall, I felt that this was a rush project and didn’t get the love that it should have. Poor choices.


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