Simon Baker

 Ride With the Devil (1999) Rated R

When the Civil War begins, lifelong friends Jake and Jack Bull join the Missouri Bushwhackers, a ragtag team of Southern guerrilla fighters. But after the cold realities of conflict set in, the men must decide for themselves what honor means. Director Ang Lee takes viewers deep into the labyrinthine conflict of the War Between the States and those who fought it.

 The Ring 2 (2005) Rated UR

Six months after Rachel Keller and her son, Aidan, survived their horrifying run-in with the supernatural in Seattle, the two have relocated to Astoria, Oregon, to start anew. But it seems terror has followed them to the seaside town. When cops discover a mysterious videotape at the scene of a crime, it’s proof positive that evil Samara Morgan has returned for revenge.

 Land of the Dead (2005) Rated UR

Zombie king George A. Romero returns with a fourth gruesome tale of the walking dead — and this time, they’ve taken over the planet. Humans have lost the battle against the flesh eaters, and are barricaded in a walled city ruled by ruthless despots. When the zombies develop advanced military tactics, it’s up to a group of mercenaries to save the living.

 Something New (2006) Rated PG-13

Having carefully calculated her professional life, African-American accounting exec Kenya McQueen is concerned that her personal life doesn’t measure up, so she agrees to go on a blind date with a sexy, free-spirited landscape architect. Her new love interest turns out to be white, which isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker — until she meets a seemingly perfect black man.

 Devil Wears Prada (2006) Rated PG-13

After taking a job in the Big Apple as assistant to powerful fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly, small-town girl Andrea Sachs is thrilled — until the magic wears off, and she’s left feeling battered and used. But at least she looks fabulous, right? Stanley Tucci, Adrian Grenier and Emily Blunt co-star in this big-screen adaption of Lauren Weisbeger’s best-selling novel.

Synopsis by Netflix.

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