Ben and Kate (FOX) Rated NR

Two siblings move in together. One is responsible, the other is out for fun. Starring Dakota Johnson, Nat Faxon, Lucy Punch, Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Echo Kellum

This wasn’t funny. I didn’t find the characters endearing except for Maggie Elizabeth Jones, who plays little Maddie. There is obviously history with all the characters. Something that makes the siblings who they are today but what they (the creators) refused to tell us in the pilot. Someday, I’m sure, they will tell us but for the episode I was curious to the point of not returning. I really wanted to know about Maddie’s dad. Who was he? Why isn’t he in the picture? And why now is Kate dating? A half an hour and you couldn’t answer one of those questions. I really wish one of those was answered. To me this show is a pass.

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